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OK, you have the stock and a target outlook. Are there other strategies you can consider other than buying or selling the stock? Using TradeBuilder, the answer is "yes".

Plug your stock or ETF and target outlook into TradeBuilder's powerful (yet sensitive) strategy engine to quickly produce up to 40 stock and option strategies ranked by their probability of breakeven (or better) or their maximum profit opportunity. See one you find interesting? Click "Analyze" to launch Trade Analyzer and visualize potential performance versus a simple long or short stock position.

Find a risk/reward profile you like, and click "Save" to save the strategy for further analysis, or "Trade" to seamlessly execute the strategy with one click.
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  • Simple 4-step Process
    Enter your stock or ETF symbol, target date, target price and investment capital and click "Build".
  • Find and rank new strategies
    TradeBuilder quickly scans and displays 40 stock and option strategies, and ranks each strategy based on probability of breakeven or better, or by expected profit/loss.
  • See a strategy you like? View more.
    TradeBuilder allows you to view multiple versions of the same strategy so you can compare profit/loss or probabilities to find one which meets your risk-return tolerance.
  • Advanced Features
    For advanced traders, TradeBuilder allows for numerous custom settings (including volatility forecast) so you can further fine tune your search