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Finding what to trade can be as time-consuming as catching a snake with a paper clip (we think). So we’ve developed a scanner that doesn’t require a lifetime (or a financial doctorate) to operate.

Simply choose one of our predefined scans to find stocks and ETFs suited for your investment style which are making some noise in today’s markets.
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  • Over 20 pre-built scans
    Find stocks and ETFs exhibiting new highs or lows, growth or value, high volume activity, and more.
  • Custom Sorting
    Scan and sort by market cap, sector, primary exchange, and security type.
  • Include optionable securities only
    If you’re an options investor or trader, you can include only those stocks or ETFs in each scan which have options.
  • ActionLink
    Use ActionLink for one-click trading or to access any site feature and continue your research.
  • Includes recent volatility history
    All results display recent historical volatility to help you determine whether the security’s recent activity is outside its typical pattern.