About Us
Dear Investors & Traders,
At TradingBlock, we like to refer to ourselves and to our clients as "blockheads". Now that term probably conjures up images of Charlie Brown or some dolt from grade school. But for those of us who have made a bad investment or trade at one time or another (and that would be all of us), we've all worn the "blockhead" label. So, to us and our clients, "blockheads" is an endearing, therapeutic and forehead-slapping description of those among us who have experienced the spanking of a bad trade only to realize the value of planning and risk management.
And that describes our mission at TradingBlock.
Our goal is not to see you rack up that one bigger winner, but instead to see and help you achieve investing and trading success over the long-term. That's why we're driven to provide you with more intuitive investment tools that help you plan and understand risk, with pro-active support services and financial education resources designed to help you make better investment decisions for you, your family and your future.
To accomplish our mission, we're building a culture built on creativity, innovation, purpose and a sense of fun that we believe is unique among online brokerages. By analyzing successful companies outside financial services, we've found that when a company combines purpose and fun into its mission, its people go the extra mile for their clients. We believe this is not only being a good neighbor to our clients and employees, but also good business. (And why should online trading be stuffy? It's the internet, for crying out loud.)
As we grow our business, we're committing resources to promote investing literacy that we hope will result in a meaningful improvement in how you invest and trade. We're also making a more personal commitment to helping you achieve your financial goals that results in greater value for you and your portfolio.
Online investing and trading shouldn't be nerve-wracking, and you shouldn't have to go it alone. It's challenging, but it should allow you to gain control of your financial future while enjoying the other aspects of life...like the living part.
Welcome to the neighborhood.
mail: Tom Heffernan