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We like to joke around as much as anyone, but we’re dead serious about managing risk. And for those of you using options, nothing is more important than understanding position risk before putting on a trade.

While there’s no certainty of profit with any trade, with Trade Analyzer you can graph your position’s potential profit and loss to help you understand your risk before you trade. Change dates, prices and volatility to see how the trade may react under dynamic market conditions.
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  • Dynamic Controls
    Adjust time horizon, volatility and price parameters to see how your potential trade performs under changing market conditions. If analyzing a mult-legged trade, toggle on and off individual legs to see how performance changes.
  • Custom performance views
    View theoretical performance in terms of to Profit (Loss), Value and %Return, over different dates, different volatilities or different price points.
  • Performance Summary
    View total position cost and margin requirements, plus estimated Profit (Loss) or %Return. You can even view the daily effect time has on this position (i.e. "time decay").
  • Greeks Summary
    For the frat boys in all of us, view position greeks (delta, gamma, theta, vega) by price, volatility or price point to view the trade’s potential risk.