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Whether you like to scan, screen, filter or build your way to a new trading idea, we have an intuitive set of scanners, screeners, finders and builders to help. Try one of our customizable scanning tools to find stocks and ETFs which meet your extra-special criteria, or use one of our preset scans to quickly find ideas based on popular search objectives.

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Have a stock or ETF and a price outlook? Throw your security into our powerful TradeBuilder engine along with your price outlook and time horizon and see how different strategies stack up against going long or short the stock. You may start seeing the world in a whole new light.
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  • TradeBuilder
    Patent-pending! Easy-to-use TradeBuilder seeks out the highest probability option strategies based simply on your stock, date and price outlook.
  • Stock / ETF Finder
    Searching for tradeable ideas? Scan to find stocks and ETFs that are making short-term moves or establishing long-term trends.
  • Volatility Finder
    Find stocks and ETFs with volatility profiles which may reveal potentially under- or over-valued option chains.