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Maybe for tax reasons or maybe because your Aunt Marge gifted it to you, but have you ever had a stock or an ETF in your
portfolio that you didn’t want to sell or couldn’t unload and then watched helplessly as it tanked? Don’t you wish you could
have stopped the bleeding?

With Portfolio Hedger, you can find and rank up to 5 different hedge ideas which may provide, pound for pound, the desired
protection for your equity portfolio, stock or ETF position.

See a strategy you like? Click the Trade button to automatically enter your hedge position into the market.
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  • Scan your desired universe
    Choose the universe to include in your hedge scenario. Select stocks and ETFs from your existing portfolio or enter stocks or ETFs that you follow or own elsewhere.
  • Simple, three-step process
    After selecting the assets you wish to hedge, set your time horizon along with the maximum loss you’re willing to accept and click Build Hedge.
  • Rank and analyze up to five different hedge ideas
    Portfolio Hedger displays up to 5 different hedge ideas for you to consider. You can rank and analyze based on their expected cost or upside potential. Click the Trade button to review and place the hedge.