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Spreadhunter has partnered with TradingBlock to offer self-directed trading for its platform subscribers. Straightforward Pricing. No hidden fees.

Commission Rate Offer for SpreadHunter paid subscribers :

Stocks: $0.0035 per share; $3.00 minimum
Options: $0.75 per contract; no ticket, no minimum [rate includes Options Regulatory Fee (ORF)]

When you subscribe to SpreadHunter and trade through TradingBlock, you can qualify for special discounts off of TradingBlock's full-service commission rates**. If you trade more actively, those potential savings can grow. Plus, you're backed by TradingBlock's knowledgeable, responsive and personalized service.                

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* TradingBlock's Special Commission Rate Offer available to SpreadHunter paid subscribers only.

** TradingBlock regular commission rate - Option: $5.00 base ticket plus $0.50 per contract; Stock: $0.001 per share; $5.00 minimum. Listed commission rates do not include exchange fees. TradingBlock reserves the right to rescind the Special Commission Rate Offer at any time.

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